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e-respons.com offers you a tool for sending newsletters to your potential customers or
current customers. You may also want to send out letters to your family, your friends and
acquaintances, or you want to publish an Internet newspaper. In short, e-respons.com provide a technical and
you provide the content.
Get rid of all the hassle
With e-respons.com you avoid all the hassle of keeping track of your subscribers, and should keep
track of your address. At e-respons.com all your subscribers stored in a single database and
it’s quick and painless to create, edit and delete subscribers. At the same time you have the opportunity
selecting particular subscribers when you publish a newsletter, both manually and based
certain criteria. That way you can target your newsletters to different audiences.
e-respons.com also makes it easy for you to send out newsletters, and you can send out newsletters
no matter where you are in the world. It’s all done over the Internet, easy and painless for you.
Integration with your website
At e-respons.com we ensure an easy integration with your website. You have the ability to insert
a signup form on your website and you can use our advanced designer,
then you no to a single HTML code to design out the form according to your wishes. You also
opportunity to use our API system, so you can integrate e-respons.com and your own system on a
deeper level. It’s all done automatically, so your subscribers do not notice that it is a completely
Another system that transmits your newsletters.
Follow Stats
At e-respons.com we have developed advanced follow up statistician, so you always have the option of
best to study the impact of your newsletters. You have, for example. to continuously
see what links your subscribers click on, or how many times the subscribers open your
newsletter. You also have to keep an eye on the “dead” email addresses through our
Bounce system. With our statistician, you always have the opportunity to optimize your newsletters, so
you always have the option to provide the best service to your subscribers.


Organisation : E Response Dooel
Address : Epinal 297000, Bitola, Macedonia
Phone: +38976510890 Email: info@webresponse.com.mk
Support help : Support or use http://support.e-respons.com

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